About Northwoods Angling

Apassion for something will take you anywhere at any length and at any cost. The passion for fishing that the Northwoods Angling crew shares is unlike any other. We are a few regular guys with regular 8-5 day jobs that stop at nothing to chase big fish anywhere this may take us. This passion occupies our minds constantly and propels us to chase our dreams, usually up and down a river.

Fishing has always been something each of us has been passionate about. So passionate that we find ourselves juggling 50 hour work weeks, families and the sport we love in order to put out great content. We are Northwoods Angling and our sole purpose is to catch big fish and have a great time doing it. Join us on our journey to tame the beasts that lurk beneath the surface of our rivers, oceans, and lakes on this beautiful planet. We will document each step of the way as best we can to capture the beauty of the places we go and the raw emotion tied to catching these big fish!

River Monsters

Mississippi River Catfish
Alligator gar - Trinity River, Texas - Northwoods Angling

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Tiger Shark - Ft. Myers Beach Florida - Northwoods Angling
Flathead Catfish - Peter Warner - Northwoods Angling
Flathead Catfish - Jakob Hals - Northwoods Angling
Mississippi River Mill Damn - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Northwoods Angling